News / Announcments

Delay in release

There has been a slight delay in the release of the HouseRewards system, due to some additionl features that we would like to implement before general release. Our beta testing schools have the current version and will be trialing the features over the next couple of weeks. We apologise for the delay to those of you that have pre-ordered this product.

Heartbleed SSL Vulnerability

We would like to assue our customers that our servers were NOT affected by the Heartbleed SSL vulnerability, as we did not have the heartbeat portion of the software activated. We have updated our servers to the latest release of the software, to ensure that our systems will remain secure in the event that we need to use the feature. For more information on this issue please visit, to see if any of the other services that you use might be affected.


House Rewards

House Rewards is a customised progress-tracking system that provides feedback to students, teachers and parents and engages them in a new and exciting way. House Rewards can be used to monitor achievement, behaviour and attendance and provide incentives and encouragement for students who are performing well - as well as to identify potential learning needs and areas for development for the school.

Scheduled for release: May 2014